The Swedish Chef Paul Svensson at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts


On Tuesday 15 November 2022, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts hosted Chef Paul Svensson from Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Jordan, where he delivered a presentation to RACA’s students about sustainability in food, food recycling and reducing food-waste.
Chef Paul, who is a pioneer in Sweden in vegetarian cuisine and the recycling and upcycling of food, shared with RACA’s students a lot of ideas and techniques that he uses in the restaurant he runs in Sweden “Paul Taylor Lanthandel” which is awarded a one MICHELIN Green Star that is given to restaurants for their sustainable practices.
Chef Paul expressed his delight with his visit to RACA, saying: “I’m here to inspire the students at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, and it’s an honor for me to be here, and also to see the new generation of chefs coming out into society and restaurants, and being able to inspire a lot of consumers and guests to be more aware of the soil, and the products and the next generation.”
The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts would like to thank the Swedish Embassy and Chef Paul for their visit to RACA and for the valuable knowledge in this area transferred to its students.

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