Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Student Life

At RACA, you will have the chance to bloom your personal and social life by participating in different activities and events that strengthen the bonds between students of all levels in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Student Committee

The student committee is the heart and soul of the academy. A group of elected students is responsible for the different type of events and activities that are organized for the students and by the students with the guidance of RACA instructors.

The committee organizes many different events throughout the including charity events, entertaining activities, and community events. Many events that are done for a charitable cause is supported by an activity at the academy, from movie nights to products prepared by students and sold, and all all the donations collected will go towards certain organizations that are in need.

The fun part is also there to ensure the bond between the students of the academy; including and not limited to trips, outings, and parties. Also, the committee has different types of clubs, such as; study clubs, science club and music club. Each of the focus on helping students with their classes, as well as, improve their English skills or expand their knowledge in certain areas.

Sport and Activities

A productive chef is a fit chef.

RACA offers you the opportunity to stay fit and healthy by practicing different types of students’ favorite sports through organized events and competitions; such as, fast walk that takes place every week and organized sport events like football or basketball matches.

Field Trips

Part of RACA care to ensure students being updated about the most recent trends in the industry is organizing field trips to different factories, breweries, farms, and local business to learn from the field in an unusual class outside the traditional classroom experience.