Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Short Courses

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    List of the our short courses:

    # Short Course Name Chef Location START END
    1 Baking Course 2 (AM) Chef Amani Sallaq Bakery 15-Oct 17-Oct
    2 Steak & Burgers (PM) Chef Yousef Iqleim Individual 15-Oct 17-Oct
    3 Chinese Cuisine (PM) Chef Morad Madanat Production 17-Oct 19-Oct
    4 Low-Carb Meals (AM) Chef Jihan Sahawneh Individual 17-Oct 19-Oct
    5 Croissant (PM) Chef Khalil Abu Ali Bakery 17-Oct 19-Oct
    6 Pastry (PM) Chef Mohammad Zbaidi Pastry 17-Oct 19-Oct
    7 Canape + Finger Food (AM) Chef Yousef Iqleim Production 22-Oct 24-Oct
    8 TEX-MEX Style (PM) Chef Mazen Qsous Individual 23-Oct 25-Oct
    9 Pastry (AM) Chef Mohammad Zbaidi Pastry 23-Oct 25-Oct