Short Courses at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts


Thirteen short courses specialized in culinary arts were held this year at RACA on various topics such as: American and French Pastry, Baking, Steak & Meat, Italian Cuisine for beginners, Keto, Cheesecakes, International Pastry and Arabic Cuisine. The duration was 12 hours per course spread over three days at RACA’s campus.

These courses aim to attract culinary arts enthusiasts who wish to develop their skills and increase their knowledge in this field, and to give an opportunity to beginners who would like to explore the culinary world.

The participants of the courses were from various age groups and nationalities;for their great confidence in the information and expertise provided by RACA and its instructors. To get the full experience, participants were provided by RACA with all the tools and food ingredients needed to prepare the dishes of each course in the kitchen, in addition to a booklet containing details of the recipes they worked on during the course.

The participants were taught by RACA’s instructors, such as Yousef Iqleim (Executive Chef), Mohammad Alzubaidi (Senior Pastry Instructor), Amani Al-Sallaq (Pastry & Bakery Instructor), Khalil Abu Ali (Pastry Instructor), Jihan Sahawneh (Culinary Instructor), Mazen Qusous (Culinary Instructor) and Yousef Aljabasini (Culinary Instructor).

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