RACA’s Student Represents Jordan at Young Chefs Olympiad in India


RACA’s student Ahmad Al Thaher represented Jordan by participating with his Chef Instructor Jihan Sahawneh in the international competition Young Chefs Olympiad, held in January 2023 in India.
The competition initiated by the international institute of hotel management and the international hospitality council, constitutes of many culinary competitions in India, after the contestants passing many culinary tests in their home countries in order to get selected.
Ahmad presented several projects related to cooking and sustainability to the competition committee, several weeks before he was chosen to represent Jordan, with the help of his mentor Chef Jihan Sahawneh. During the esteemed competition, Ahmad ranked eleventh out of more than 55 participating countries.
Upon their return to Jordan, Ahmad and Chef Jihan were recognized by RACA’s Director Chef Jacques Rossel, where he expressed his happiness and pride of their participation in this international competition, in addition to RACA’s presence as a representation of Jordan.

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