RACA Top Students Awards


The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts celebrated their Top Students for the April 2022 Semester.

Marya Kamel, SherelleThompson and Zahra Al Abdallat, three RACA students with remarkable academic achievements from the previous semester, were awarded as Top Students in April 2022 by Chef Jacques Rossel, the Director of RACA.

Marya Kamel, who is currently a Semester 2 student of the Bachelor Program in Food & Beverage Management, was awarded for her achievements and grades during Semester 1.  Upon receiving her certificate, she expressed her joy and said: “I would lie if I said that I worked extra hard to be the top student; I knew that my passion for cooking and culinary is what put me there. When I first received the news that I can apply for RACA I actually cried, and now being the top student amongst my colleague in this major is the best feeling: the feeling of success, which insured me that I’ve really chosen the right path.”

Also, current Semester 2 student of the Two-Year Diploma in Culinary Arts, Sherelle Thompson happily received her certificate and said: “At orientation, I set the goal to achieve top student of the semester. I feel honored to obtain this award for my first semester here. In fact, I actually teared up when I received the news. I am so grateful to my family, friends, teachers, and teammates who supported me the entire semester and to RACA for acknowledging my hard work. I look forward to the rest of this memorable journey.”

Lastly, Semester 3 student Zahra Al Abdallat, who is now currently in her internship semester, was awarded the Top Student certificate for the second time. She expressed her happiness by saying: “It was fabulous to be the top student for the second time, as I worked hard to achieve this goal; nothing comes easy! When I received that I am the top student for semester 2, I felt very proud of all what I did. At the end, always try to follow your goals even if you think that they are impossible; as with hard work absolutely they will come true!”

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