Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Chef Farah Nasrawi

“I am the Chef de Cuisine at the St. Regis Amman, where I lead a dedicated brigade, uniting them as one team, and passing on a passion for crafting memorable dining experiences.

Previously, my culinary adventures took me to Riyadh, where I played a pivotal role as one of the main chefs during the pre-opening of 12 restaurants under the Khuzama Company, showcasing my expertise in diverse cuisines.

I began my career by contributing to the pre-opening teams of numerous renowned hotels and restaurants in Amman such as Rotana Aarjan setting a standard for culinary excellence in the Jordanian capital.

In the kitchen, mistakes are the secret ingredients of growth. We adjust, we improve, and we learn, turning every mishap into a recipe for success!”

~ Farah Nasrawi, 2014 alumnus