Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

Chef Amin Al-Akhal

When I enrolled in the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, there I discovered my passion and love of culinary arts, where I was taught how to face daily challenges with more strength and resilience, this was key for my success as a culinary leader. My passion and commitment towards culinary arts, especially knowing that my skills are geared toward this direction, and I know for a fact that by continuing to pursue my career, I will one day run my own restaurant where I can showcase everything I learned during my journey in the world of culinary arts. A journey that has started in Jordan and then led me to Budapest and Chicago, then back to my home country Jordan.

I was fortunate to work in a Michelin star restaurant with the renowned Chef Grant Achatz, where I was taught various recipes and the art of creating them, this gave me the confidence to share and enhance my knowledge and experience towards my journey in becoming a leader in this industry.

Joining St. Regis in Amman as a member of the pre-opening team as a Sous Chef in one of the best hotels in Jordan gave me a boost in the culinary field.

I truly believe that the culinary world is an endless voyage where one will learn something new every day for the rest of their life, never a dull moment in this world.

If you embrace this career and adopt a passionate and committed mentality toward the world of culinary arts, I am certain it will open opportunities for you that a few only dare to dream of. All those who make their living working with food and do so with the spirit of pride, dedication, passion and the right attitude, will be rewarded with a lasting satisfaction of achieving their goals and possibility creating a dish that will change someone’s life.

Let The Journey…Continue