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This is Hamzeh albitar Asian specialty sous chef at W hotel I have graduated 2015 from Royal academy of culinary arts.befote>

I enroll at the academy I used to work as sales man so I used to pass by the academy daily and wishing to study their because of my previous experience 5years  at the states as a cook  , so one day I came and applied for a scholarship they welcomed me . The Royal academy opened doors for me to go and work in Abudhabi in luxurious island (zaya nurai island) to work many chefs specially chef Marc Abed which I learned a lot from him and because of my education I was able to support him alot . Than I moved to the best Japanese restaurant in UAE and one of the best in the world (Zuma restaurant), than I moved to Amman to work at W Amman as chef departi working with the executive chef Lamberto Valdes and the one of the best Asian chef Mustian Osman , after this I left to open Japanese roof top (zaran roof top ) and it was very successful than I got a call from W Amman again to go back as sous chef and currently working with chef Roger Valero one the best Spanish chefs . In those years at Zuma and Enso we won many times many trophies as the best leading cuisine and best restaurant.


Hamzeh Al-Bitar

My name is Anas Abu Al Douleh, and my journey started since childhood where the love and respect for food was one of the pillars of my family education. Years passed and the love for cooking was growing day by day, till I chose to study culinary arts after graduating from high school.

I enrolled in one of the best culinary institution in the Middle East and there I was given the right direction of how to become a culinary expert and become a chef! First things I learned at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts were discipline, how to respect food, and more importantly how to be a team player. At the academy, I had the privilege to be taught by the best chefs in the world and there I was exposed to all sectors of a fine culinary institution using the latest cooking technology. I graduated with merit in December 2012, and then I started working in the best 5 starts hotels in Jordan.

I moved to Abu Dhabi in 2016 and I had the chance to work with Michelin star chefs in one of the most important and fine dining institutions. After 8 years of hard work, currently I am holding the position of an Executive Sous Chef in one of the top fine dining institutions in United Arab Emirates- Abu Dhabi. The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts was the gate to my success and great future achievements.

Anas Abu Al Douleh

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