Mystery Basket Competition for our RACAteers at Crowne Plaza Amman

Mystery Basket Competition for our RACAteers at Crowne Plaza Amman

The internship semester is what students look forward to from their start of studying at RACA; they are always eager to experience the professional networking setting, and to master their skills in the industry.

Crowne Plaza Amman Hotel, one of our industry partners, makes sure to always make this 5-month internship experience as memorable and as successful as possible. So, part of their continuous improvement in creating new ways of working for both their employees and interns; they came up with Mystery Basket Competition between our students who are interning at the hotel as a celebration for the end of their internship period.

This competition took place in January 2022, where each competitor had to do a main course dish live within one hour time limit where the ingredients were provided in a mystery basket to each student and they had half an hour to submit a recipe to the hotel’s Executive Chef to be handed to the jury for verification of the actual dishes proposed to be cooked from the ingredients provided within their basket where they had to incorporate the use of all products provided.

Our students who are interning at Crowne Plaza Amman and who participated in the competition are: Abduallah Taqatqeh, Liyan Musleh, Shahed Sweilem, and Haneen Samara who achieved the full mark in plating, taste, time and menu, and she was awarded a prize by the hotel to enjoy a dinner with 2 people at the V-Lounge.

We would like to extend our thanks to the management of Crowne Plaza Amman including the Executive Chef Mr. Faraj Al Khateeb and the Area Learning & Quality Champion, Ms. Dana Kurdi for their continuous support and efforts in helping our students get a smooth inclusion in the industry.

We would also like to congratulate our student Haneen Samra for winning in this competition.

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