Why Culinary at RACA?

Why Culinary at RACA?

Why Culinary?

Technical education and hands- on based careers are the jobs on demand in Jordan and abroad. These jobs became better paid than traditional academic degrees.

According to Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, USAID BEST research between 2018-2022 there will be a need of 16,980 employees at all levels in the hospitality sector which entails the need of graduating 5000 competencies every year.

The chef career is one of the jobs that are on high demand, and will open for you plenty of opportunities in Jordan and abroad.

Why RACA?       

Studying at RACA will give you the following privileges:

  • Receiving high quality education according to Swiss standards with a program entirely taught in English language
  • Gaining an accredited certificate from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research endorsed by EHL /Switzerland
  • Having a successful internship in one of the well-known five-star hotels in Jordan or abroad through RACA big network of industry relationships
  • Securing a promising future job in a sector of high demand with 92% employability rate of RACA graduates

Why Jordan?

RACA is located on one of the safest and rapidly growing countries in the region.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which once captivated ancient travelers, continues to enthrall a whole new generation as a modern, vibrant nation, is located in the geographical and social heart of the Middle East. Within its borders ,you will find a wonderful array of culture and history, tourism and adventure, city life and rural escapes, modernity and tradition. Students can build an exciting and enriching life with RACA at the center of it when living and studying in Jordan.

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