Mission & Vision


The aim of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is to provide the industry with more than just culinary graduates and to give its students more than just culinary qualifications. The ultimate goal of the Academy is to provide the industry with future leaders, trendsetters, entrepreneurs and innovators. Furthermore, the academy will ensure that its graduating students possess valuable transferable skills; such as the spirit to achieve, self-discipline, respect, integrity, adaptability, and motivation for lifelong learning.


The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts will be the market leader in the region for culinary education. Through its commitment to quality, innovation and an industry-relevant educational program, coupled with the highest values of social integration, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts ensures that its graduates will become its finest ambassadors in this important economic sector.

The Values

Life-long Learning
“Anyone who keeps learning stays young”

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
“Seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought”

“We think independently together”

“Diversity is the mix; respect makes the mix work”

“We do ordinary things extraordinarily”

Spirit to Achieve
“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”


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