RACA has different governing bodies that represent different partnerships with the main stakeholders: King Abdullah II Fund for Development, accreditation bodies, sponsors and the industry.

Board of Trustees

Chairman: HE. Dr. Wajih Owais


Mr. Mr. Saeb Hasan

Dr. Mohsen Makhamreh

Dr. Maison Al Nahar

Mr. Khaled Al- Hasan

Board of Directors

Chairman: HE. Dr. Wajih Owais


Mr. Saeb Hasan

Mr. Rami Al Qsous

Dr.  Raeda Al Qutob

Ms. Sara Al Faris

RACA Executive Management

The Director, along with the Executive Committee, ensure the implementation of the strategic plan, mission and vision defined by the Board of Directors of RACA to guarantee that the Academy offers the best Culinary education aligned with the highest standards of Excellence.

Director: Mr. Jacques Rossel


Mr. Asem Owais, Deputy Director, Finance and Operation

Ms. Hala Ayoub, Academic Development and Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Mohammad Al Nammoura, HR Manager

Mr. Yousef Iqleim, Executive Chef

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