Two-Year Diploma in Culinary Arts

Two-Year Diploma In Culinary Arts

The Two-year Diploma program in Culinary Arts prepares students to enter junior chef positions in five-star hotel with the hands- on craftsmanship, solid scientific knowledge, and business communication skills to start a career journey in the culinary and hospitality sectors.

This program is Ideal for ambitious undergraduate students who successfully passed high school or Tawjihi who are keen to build a career or start their own business.

By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Perform effectively in a variety of culinary operational settings.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the best practices with regards to kitchen organization, quality, hygiene and teamwork.
  • Use the knowledge they have gained to develop culinary managerial competencies in a junior management setting.
  • Employ common skills that enhance their effectiveness in a personal and professional context.
  • Be aware of their environmental responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate understanding and awareness of moral and ethical issues in culinary industry organizations.


A completed application form with all required attachments must be submitted (application fee of JOD 25 must be paid.)

  • A completed hand-written letter of motivation (250 words) in English on stating the reasons why the applicant wants to study culinary arts at RACA.
  • An official copy of applicant’s high school diploma or equivalent; non-Tawjihi high school diploma must be validated by the Ministry of Education.
  • A valid medical certificate; that includes a valid Hepatitis A vaccine
  • High School transcripts for the last three years

English Language

If English is not the applicant’s first language, she/he must provide evidence of English language proficiency.

The minimum English language test score requirements for the first, and second year are outlined below:

First year:

  • TOEFL (ITP) overall score of 407
  • Internet-based TOEFL (IBT) overall score of 33
  • IELTS overall score of 4.5

Second year:

  • TOEFL overall score of 440
  • Internet-based TOEFL (IBT) overall score of 41-42
  • IELTS overall score of 5.0

Applicants who have studied (abroad) outside Jordan may also be required to provide the following: Comprehensive information in English about the school or college with an explanation of the grading system.

Admission Interview

This is the last phase of the admission cycle. For the applicant to pass the interview she/he should:

  • Represent a hospitality outlook with formal outfit
  • Be passionate for the career and show motivation
  • Wear a nice smile and show a friendly attitude
  • Show the fundamental skills of professional communication
  • Good command of English language

Semester 1

Course Name

    • Commissary & Knife Skills
    • Fundamentals in Cooking Methods
    • F&B Service Techniques in Restaurant Operation
    • F&B Service Techniques in Fine Dining
    • Stewarding & Cleaning Science
    • ServSafe & Food Hygiene
    • Culinary & Beverage Science


    • English Communication & Writing Skills – Level 1


  • English Communication & Writing Skills – Level 2


  • Foreign Language – French Level 1

General Education

  • Introduction to Computer Skills
  • Professional Development & Life Skills

Semester 2

Course Name

    • CBL – Individual Cooking
    • CBL – Cooking in Restaurant Operation
    • CBL– Pastry & Bakery – Bakery Level 1
    • CBL – Pastry & Bakery – Pastry Level 1
    • Menu & Recipe Development
    • Purchasing & Principles of Accounting in Hospitality


    • Technical Writing in English Language


  • Foreign Language – French Level 2

General Education

  • Management Principles in Hospitality & Tourism

Semester 3

Industry Internship

Semester 4

Course Name

    • CBL– Pastry & Bakery Pastry Level 2
    • CBL – Modern Cooking Techniques
    • Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Banquet Operations Management
    • Quality Management and Supervision


    • Business Communication in English Language

General Education

  • Principle Science of Nutrition
  • Sensory Evaluation & Flavor Pairing
  • Sustainability in F&B and Environmental Awareness

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