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Japanese Chef Ichii Kaoru visiting the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts

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In collaboration with the Jordanian Embassy in Japan, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts welcomed the Japanese Chef Ichii Kaoru from Hiroshima, Japanfor the very first time in Jordan on the 30th and the 31st of October 2022.
During the visit, chef Ichii had a session with our students where he introduced himself, his famous dish “Okonomiyaki” and the history behind its creation. Later on, the students joined him for a hands-on demonstration of cooking the Okonomiyaki, and on the following day, a cooking competition was held between the students to do the Okonomiyaki, supervised by chef Ichii.
RACA’s semester 4 students Marwan Hallaq and Obada AbuTaleb won the first place in this competition for the Okonomiyaki they cooked. “It was a very nice experience learning from chef Ichii. We cooked our own version of Okonomiyaki with a Jordanian twist, adding Arabic flavors while maintaining the original identity of this Japanese dish; and this what made us win the first place in the competition.” Marwan and Obada happily stated.
Chef Ichii expressed his thrill being among future chefs at RACA: “This is my very first time cooking my famous Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima here in Jordan, I am very happy with this experience as I’ve only demonstrated the instructions once and students were able to pick up all the details and cook it individually right after. It was heartwarming watching them taste this dish for their first time and cook their own versions of it in a professional manner.”
RACA would like to express its sincere thanks to Her Excellency Mrs. LinnaAnnab, the Ambassador of Jordan to Japan and all the team in the Jordanian Embassy in Japan for organizing this activity and enriching experience for our students on campus.


RACA Hosts seminars of “Food as an Instrument for Social Change” in collaboration with the US Embassy in Jordan

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On Sunday 6th of November 2022, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts hosted Professor Johanna Mendelson and Chef Angela Garbaczduring their Culinary Diplomacy in Jordan Tour on using food as a tool for social cohesion, organized by the US Embassy in Jordan.
During their visit to RACA, the two guests toured the campus and were exposed to RACA’s facilities and academic programs: Bachelor’s in Food & Beverage Management, and Diploma in Culinary Arts. After that, they met RACA’s students in two discussion sessions specialized in talking about food as an instrument of social change.
Professor Johanna Mendelson, specialized in Food Security, spoke to students about food as a soft power, in terms of conflict resolution, social cohesion, resilience, and civic engagement. Whereas Chef Angela Grbacs, who’s specialized in Pastry, spoke to students about the pathways, challenges, and opportunities in Food Entrepreneurship.
The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts would like to thank the US Embassy in Jordan for organizing this visit, which had enriching information and experience to our students.



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The eighth edition of HORECA Jordan was held from the 27th until 29 September 2022 under the patronage of H.E. Minister of Tourism & Antiquities. This annual event is the largest exhibition for the Hospitality and Food & Beverages Service industry in the region.
RACA had a big part in this exhibition, where RACA’s Director Chef Jacques Rossel was one of HORECA’s ambassadors in 2022; as he was a judge in the Art of Service Competitions. In addition to that, some students of RACA volunteered with helping the organizers and contestants of the competitions held in the exhibition.
A small ceremony was held at RACA on November 10 2022 where chef Jacques distributed the certificates to the student volunteers to recognize their efforts in helping HORECA’s organizers during the exhibition, highlighting the importance of their participation as it is an eye-opening experience for them to be exposed to the industry its professionals.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Pink October at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts!

For pink October, The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts hosted the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and implemented a variety of activities for students and employees to raise awareness about Brest Cancer and the importance of early detection.  

Various items were sold on RACA campus generating donations for the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and IEC materials were distributed to everyone on campus. 

At the end of the day, a professional surgeon gave an educational Breast Cancer Prevention session to students and employees, and an early detection station took place.


RACA Welcomes more than 100 students for October 2022 Intake

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RACA welcomed over 100 individuals from different ages and backgrounds, who are united by their passion for culinary arts and Food & Beverage Management and their eagerness to learn hard in order to start their rewarding careers in the hospitality industry.

Enrolled students of the BA Program in Food & Beverage Management and the Two-Year Diploma Program in Culinary Arts went through the Induction Week as a mandatory kick-start for their journey at RACA.  Firstly, they were welcomed by RACA’s Director Chef Jacques Rossel, and then they received their equipment such as knife sets and iPads.

New students met their instructors and fellow classmates through team-building activities organized by RACA’s faculty and staff. After that, they thoroughly discovered the campus in order to be familiarized with what will be considered to them as their second home. 

A lot of valuable information was delivered to the newly enrolled students during the induction week through specialized lectures where Chef Jacques Rossel informed them about RACA’s values, mission and vison and the study plan for both of our programs: the BA in Food & Beverage Management and the Two-Year Diploma in Culinary Arts. New students were also informed about RACA’s standards in terms of personal grooming and dress code, in order for them to start adopting the hospitality mindset. 

Moreover, they learned about personal branding and they met three of RACA’s alumni, Anas Abu Doleh, Executive Sous Chef art Hilton Dead Sea, Roaa Al Homsi and Hala Jbour, Pastry Chefs at L’ETO Restaurant. The alumni shared their stories with the newly enrolled students, starting from the times they were students at RACA, going through their milestones and work experiences I Jordan and abroad which lead them to their current positions.

The Induction Week was concluded by a motivational presentation delivered by Mr. Tareq Derbas the General Manager of Ritz Carlton Amman, and Mr. Mohammad Al-Qasem the Chairman of Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skills Council. The esteemed guests talked to the new students about the importance of joining the BA program in Food & Beverage Management and the Diploma in Culinary Arts, and the amount of job opportunities that await them, whether in Jordan or abroad. They also shared their experiences in this sector and their success stories in various countries, in addition to providing advice to students and answering their inquiries about working in the hospitality sector.

Lastly, students got the chance to do field visits to many five-star hotels in Amman, such as St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Fairmont and many more hotels, where they did a tour around the hotels and they had a brief discussion with the hotels’ Executive Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers.

Wishing our new RACAteers all the best and success for the start of their chapter at RACA!


Ambassador of Azerbaijan visiting RACA

by racaadmin

On 11th of October 2022, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts was honored by the visit of H.E. Mr. Eldar N. Salimov,  the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Jordan, and the Embassy Third Secretary Mr. Samir Salahov. 

RACA’s Director Chef Jacques Rossel lead the esteemed guests in a tour around RACA’s campus to introduce them to the various academic and technical facilities, in addition to the academic programs taught at RACA: BA Program in Food & Beverage Management, they also discussed the future opportunities of cooperation between the embassy and RACA with regards to hands-on training and enrolling Azerbaijani students to study in Jordan.


The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – in collaboration with Swisscontact – launches the Second Technical Vocational Training Program for 120 trainees funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development

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The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA), in collaboration with the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation (Swisscontact), launched on Tuesday, 18 October 2022 a Technical Vocational Training program for 120 trainees, funded by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC) in the presence of H.E. Ambassador of Switzerland to Jordan Emilija Georgieva, and their excellences: Mr. Nayef Stetieh, Minister of Labour, Mr. Naser Allozi, Chairman of KAFD, and Mr. Issa Murad, Senator and Chairman of the Labor & Social Development.
The launching event of the training program, which supports youth to build the skills they need to seek employment in the hospitality and culinary industry for entry level, was attended by Mr. Saeb Al Hasan KAFD’s Director, Mr. Ahmad Al-Gharaibeh, Director of Vocational Training Corporation, hotels’ general managers and many others, including potential employers of this program’s beneficiaries.
In light of its continuous efforts to support the hospitality sector and satisfy the market’s needs and demands for trainees, RACA introduced this unique three-month intensive hands-on training course which seeks to develop youth’s, and especially females’ competencies, and builds their skills to successfully enter the workforce at entry level occupations in the industry.
In this program, students will receive a combination of soft and technical skills, as well as communication and English language competences, followed by a 2-weeks on-the-job training.
RACA’s Director, Mr. Jacques Rossel, expressed the crucial need for this program: “Today RACA is beyond happy to launch its second TVT program; as ever since its founding, following the vision of the Country of supporting and developing the vocational and technical education in many sectors, including Hospitality for its immense importance in supporting the Tourism, and providing job opportunities for youth who dream to join this industry.”
The Swiss Ambassador expressed her pride in this ongoing partnership between Switzerland and the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, as RACA is a certified member of the Network of EHL – World’s Leading Hospitality Business School. H.E. added: “Switzerland continues to support Jordan in its commitment to work towards an effective and flexible educational system that blends theory and hands-on training with the participation of the private sector, and aims to reduce unemployment in Jordan, especially among youth and women.”

Mr. Ulrich Stucki, Regional Director of the Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation (Swisscontact) introduced their role in supporting this program, which is their first initiative in Jordan, and their intention to make more investments in the future.


Royal Academy of Culinary Arts welcomes members from the Jordanian Senate

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On Tuesday September 9, 2022, the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) welcomed members of the Senate’s Joint Labor, Social Development, Tourism and Heritage Committee, headed by HE Mr. Issa Murad and HE Dr. Nidal Al-Qatamin; to introduce them to RACA’s various programs, accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and certified byEHL Hospitality Business School; the world’s best hotel management school by QS World University Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure Management, which enable the employment of youth in the hospitality and tourism sector.
The Senate members were welcomed by RACA’s Director Mr. Jacques Rossel, his deputy Mr. Asem Owais and RACA’s management. The visitors went through a thorough tour around RACA’s campus that includes many kitchens which replicate 5-star hotel kitchens, Room-Division class and several classrooms, in addition to dining outlets and a library, that is considered the largest in the region, specialized in culinary and F&B.
At the end of their visit, the Senate members met a group of students from different study programs and listened to their unique learning experience.
The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts is a Technical University College, established in 2008 following the vision of His Majesty, King Abdullah II, to raise the level of education in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector, and reorient young men and women toward education related to the technical market.
RACA is aCertified Member within the EHL Network of Schools and offers a Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree in Food & Beverage Management, and a Two-Year Diploma in Culinary Arts.


Sandwich Workshop

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In collaboration with Kaylani Food Center, RACA held a Sandwich Workshop and Competition led by Chef Howard Bender from the USA at RACA on the 6th and 7th of September 2022.

The workshop was attended by some of RACA’s students, alumni and a few chefs from the industry. In addition, RACA’s students participated in the competition held on the second day of the workshop where they applied what they’ve learned from Chef Howard and came up with creative sandwich recipes.

RACA’s faculty and students spread their thanks to Kaylani Food Center for organizing this activity and for inviting Chef Howard.


Royal Academy of Culinary Arts attends the opening of Technical Department in Sands National Academy Schools

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Representatives from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts attended the opening ceremony of the Technical Department in Sands National Academy Schools which was held on Monday 19 September 2022 under the patronage of the Director of Technical Department at the Ministry of Education Mr. Liwa’ Jaradat.

RACA’s representatives were present during the opening of the Nutrition Stream, where they congratulated its students for choosing this major and emphasized the importance of technical education and the promising future in this field to pursue further education in Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Management.

The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts would like to spread its thanks to the management of Sands National Academy Schools for the invitation, wishing them and their students a prosperous future.

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