Academic Catalogue

The purpose of this Academic Catalogue is to provide detailed information about what students can expect from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and to provide an in-depth understanding of what the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts expects from them.

The content of this catalogue is for the information of the student. It is accurate at the time of printing but is subject to change from time to time as deemed appropriate by the Academy in order to fulfill its mission or to accommodate circumstances beyond its control. Any such changes may be implemented without prior notice and without obligation and, unless specified otherwise, are effective when made. The web published version is considered the latest and applies.

Download RACA Academic Catalogue to find all the details about studying at RACA, including:

  • Complete details on the application process
  • Overviews of the culinary programs RACA offers
  • Information about our academic partners and accreditation bodies
  • Details on what it is like to study at RACA
  • Guidelines for students enrolled in any of the RACA culinary programs
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