A Road To Success with RACA Alumni

Why did you decide to become a Chef?

It’s a common question I get every now and then, and the answer will always be the same. Since childhood, maybe at the age of 8 or 9, I have always been into watching cooking shows and considered cooking as magic. So, I used to watch my parents whenever they cook and be mesmerized by the result at the end. Then, the 11-year old me decided to enter the kitchen on her own. I made Fettuccine!! I’m not going to lie that from the first time, it was so good but of course needed some adjustments. Since then, I have admired cooking, especially, seeing the “WOW!” reactions from my family members and friends.


Where did you do your third-semester internship? And how were you trained?

This is also considered a frequently-asked question when people know I studied at RACA. I was trained in The Intercontinental Aqaba Resort, Aqaba – Jordan. After applying for several abroad 5 stars Hotels and sending lots of emails, I chose Aqaba to be my destination to be closer to the sea, to be honest, and to try how it feels to be out of Amman. I don’t regret it at all, and I would do it again. Why? Not only because of the good vibes or the weather but also I was trained by an amazing Team of Chefs led by Executive Chef Dany Nakhle and staff in general. From stewarding, security, drivers, housekeeping, service, laundry, purchasing, receiving, front office, pool/beach attendees, managers to the GM (General Manager), I learned a lot from each and every one of them. I went through all the food outlets; it was an experience that I will never forget.

Why did you choose the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts to start your educational path?

To get back when I was 12 or 13 years old, sometimes we used to pass by the Academy’s building, and this is what I said to my father: “Dad I’m not going to the university, I am going there,” pointing at RACA. Why did I know RACA so well? My father used to go there and had business tours for work relations between his job at INJAZ and RACA. He used to bring me the souvenirs he got from there, such as notebooks, sticky notes, mugs, small history/vision and mission book for RACA, and brochures. Then, my high school year started, having the knowledge about how to register and about the scholarship RACA offers to be applied for. The rest is one part of my history; I was accepted as a normal student, then I got the scholarship, studied, and successfully GRADUATED!

My experience at RACA was all surreal, from the Students Lobby to the Library, and from going to classes, to kitchens. I was taught by incredible instructors along my 2-year journey, led by the amazing and well-known Chef Jacques Rossel, in a professional atmosphere, great curriculum, and international standards. I wouldn’t have chosen a better place; I’m so proud and glad to be an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. For the whole experience and great opportunities I had!


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